The Difference Between School Portal and School Management Software

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It's not easy to define the importance of school, as it helps us to learn basic education as well as several other important personality traits that is remain with us throughout our life. Therefore, it's important that schools should manage properly and to help in this School portal and school management software play an effective role.

These are the two terms that are very similar to each other and often used interchangeably. Therefore people get confused about their importance. In this article some points have been described that explain the difference between a free learning portal and school software.

Some points have been described showing what education portal is and school ERP software isn't Complete integration of E-learning resources.

An educational portal can provide access to various online learning resources like E-books, E-images, E-generals, E-libraries, E-videos and many more. It also provide search option that help people figure out content of their choice.

Excellent gateway for learning management systems

Web based portals provide excellent environment for delivering online courses and various useful information related to numerous topics. Moreover, it also helps writers to enhance their creativity by sharing their contents on social media and other sites.Some points have been described showing what school ERP software is and education portal isn't Control and monitored various departments of school

School is a combination of various departments, therefore it would be important to manage them properly and best way to control functioning of various departments is School administrative software. It manages various departments like attendance, fees, transport, homework, hostel, library and many more.

Consists a module that sends notifications via messages

An efficient SMS is equipped with reporting module that send SMS notification to parents regarding their child. It is an important part of School management software in India that generate all types of results related to students like its attendance status, its fees related information, its academic scoring and schedules regarding parents- teachers meetings and events going to held in schools.

Keep eye on every detail of students and result analysis

Since human work may contain errors but these students information software will keep eye on each and every detail of particular students. In case, if a teacher requires details about XYZ student attendance then this school ERP can easy generate reports within a minute.

School portal or free learning portals and School automation software are smart ideas for school to manage their database as well as build an effective online presence in front of people. Both of them significantly increase user's engagement, communication, productivity and simplify processing of schools.

Shikha Gupta